Slant monuments are straight at the back with a slanted face. The standard height is 16″, and the width is 10″. Height and width can be larger depending on your needs for a single or double slant. Slants can be set directly onto the cement foundation. A granite base can be set on the cement foundation then the slant is affixed to the granite base. This allows the slant to be set higher from the ground away from the grass, and can make it easier to read. There are two styles of slants. The standard style has a front nosing at the bottom of the slant. The western style has no front nosing, which gives more space for lettering. A granite base is recommended with a western style slant. There are three common top shapes for slants, i.e. serpentine, oval or flat. There are other special shapes available, such as hearts. The finishes can be all polished, all steeled, or rock top and sides.