Cremation Memorials

Due to the continued increase in cremations there are now more options for cremation memorials. Choosing a cremation memorial can save you from purchasing a cement vault, which some cemeteries now require when burying cremains.

A columbarium is similar to a house for the cremains. It consists of a base, walls, doors, and a roof. The most popular sizes hold two or four cremains, depending on your needs. Each door is lettered for one person. Once the cremains are placed inside, the door is sealed.

A cremation bench can look like a regular granite bench, but the legs are larger to hold the cremains. Other benches have a base with front and back panels, and a seat. The panels give you more room for lettering and the cremains go inside the bench. The front panel can be removed and then sealed or the seat comes off, and is then sealed.

A pillar or double pillar can hold one or two cremains. There is a hole at the top of the pillar and the cremains go inside. There is a cover that is sealed and/or screwed to the top of the pillar. The cover and pillar can both be lettered.

A bevel marker has a rectangle opening and a cover goes on top. The lettering is done on the cover.