Granite Colors

These are some of the granite colors you may choose from when purchasing a granite item.

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Grass Markers

A grass marker is a stone that sets flush with the ground. The standard size is 2’L x 1’W, but can be made smaller or larger. There is no cement foundation with a grass marker. We also sell plastic memorial guards to set the marker inside. This helps keep the marker clean, and from sinking in the ground deeper. A grass marker can be used to identify individual burial plots, and are used inĀ association with a family monument. A double grass marker can be used for two grave burial plots, side by side.

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Bevel Markers

A bevel marker sets above the ground. There is no cement foundation with a bevel marker. These markers have a beveled or slanted top where the back of the stone is a few inches higher than the front. The standard bevel is 8″ high at the back of stone, and has a 1.5″ drop to the front. These markers can be used to identify individual burial plots, and are used in association with a family monument. A double bevel marker can be used for two grave burial plots, side by side.

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Slant monuments are straight at the back with a slanted face. The standard height is 16″, and the width is 10″. Height and width can be larger depending on your needs for a single or double slant. Slants can be set directly onto the cement foundation. A granite base can be set on the cement foundation then the slant is affixed to the granite base. This allows the slant to be set higher from the ground away from the grass, and can make it easier to read. There are two styles of slants. The standard style has a front nosing at the bottom of the slant. The western style has no front nosing, which gives more space for lettering. A granite base is recommended with a western style slant. There are three common top shapes for slants, i.e. serpentine, oval or flat. There are other special shapes available, such as hearts. The finishes can be all polished, all steeled, or rock top and sides.

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Upright Monuments

Upright monuments consist of the top piece called the die, and the bottom piece called the base. The tops are usually serpentine, oval or flat and can be polished, steeled or rock finished. However, other styles and special shapes are also available. The base part of the monument can have a polished or steeled top with rock sides. The base can also have a polished margin.

A small vertical monument can be set on a base or used as a tablet, which would be pinned to the cement foundation. Similar to marble military tablets.

Larger upright monuments are generally used to identify family burial plots for two or more people.

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Cremation Memorials

Due to the continued increase in cremations there are now more options for cremation memorials. Choosing a cremation memorial can save you from purchasing a cement vault, which some cemeteries now require when burying cremains.

A columbarium is similar to a house for the cremains. It consists of a base, walls, doors, and a roof. The most popular sizes hold two or four cremains, depending on your needs. Each door is lettered for one person. Once the cremains are placed inside, the door is sealed.

A cremation bench can look like a regular granite bench, but the legsĀ are larger to hold the cremains. Other benches have a base with front and back panels, and a seat. The panels give your more room for lettering and the cremains go inside the bench. The front panel can be removed and then sealed or the seat comes off, and is then sealed.

A pillar or double pillar can hold one or two cremains. There is a hole at the top of the pillar and the cremains go inside. There is a cover that is sealed and/or screwed to the top of the pillar. The cover and pillar can both be lettered.

A bevel marker has a rectangle opening and a cover goes on top. The lettering is done on the cover.

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A mausoleum is an above ground internment for one, two or more people depending on your needs. Internment can be made from the front, rear or inside.

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Corner Posts

The standard size for corner posts is 6″ square. These posts are usually used to mark your cemetery lot, lettered with the initial of your last name. They can also be used in your garden, or for marking your land. You can order these plain or lettered.

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Pet Markers

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